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The Blog of Death


That Precious Time: Present With the Dead Body

Order member and home funeral midwife Cassandra Yonder shares the story of the death that revealed her calling.

The Gutters in Buena Vista Park are Made Out of Old Headstones

San Francisco is a city of secrets. Hidden tunnels and bricked-up passageways, sunken ships and rebuilt palaces. With our backfilled downtown, railcar tracks that lead into empty parking lots, and stairways that sneak you from one neighborhood to another, we are the Winchester Mystery House of urban areas.

Surprise! What NYC’s Former Cemeteries Are Now

In New York City’s earliest days, Wall Street was the site of a wall constructed to keep the British out, Canal Street was a canal, and the rest of the Island was the countryside. As the City expanded northward, it enveloped and urbanized its rural backyard. However, the bucolic landscape of Manhattan was not the only thing to be overtaken by the encroaching City. The Island’s cemeteries were also evicted, ever northward, and finally banished to the outer boroughs.

How the 'Mushroom Death Suit' breaks down your body for nature

Artist and MIT research fellow Jae Rhim Lee is designing a suit that will make your body a veritable buffet for mushrooms.

'Ex' Does NOT Mark The Spot: Respecting The Widowed And Their Late Spouses 

At exactly what point in time did a late spouse become an “EX”?


#berlin #graveyard #thisismyafterworkparty #sky


#berlin #graveyard #thisismyafterworkparty #sky

Welcome to Facebook: The World’s Largest Digital Graveyard

What more is to be said about Facebook? Everyone has their own opinion of the social media giant. While some refuse to ever sign up, others have praised it to be the single most life-changing invention of the 21st century. How can anyone deny this fact when almost ⅕ of the world’s population has a Facebook profile? But did you ever consider this that Facebook users are an aging population and eventually today’s Facebook profiles will be void of a living counterpart? In fact, by 2065 it is estimated that the amount of deceased users will outnumber the living.

Why Do We Grieve Celebrities?

The passing of acclaimed actor Robin Williams and Hollywood icon Lauren Bacall last week left many fans mourning in their wake. While thousands of sympathetic citizens expressed their grief, others were left dumbfounded over such personal reactions. You didn’t know him, many thought, so why are you this upset?


Pretty damn cool #grave #tombstone #skulls #dead #zombies #ZRA #graveyard


Pretty damn cool #grave #tombstone #skulls #dead #zombies #ZRA #graveyard

Man Fined For Pretending To Be A Ghost At Cemetery, Making 'Wooo' Noises Around Mourners

What a ghoul-igan! An unemployed British man from Portsmouth was arrested April 29 and later fined after pretending to be a ghost near mourners at a grave, according to The Portsmouth News.

Ancient 'Evil Eye' Box Discovered In Nile River Cemetery

A 2,000-year-old cemetery with several underground tombs has been discovered near the Nile River in Sudan.