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The Blog of Death


Letters of Note: The most beautiful death

Brave New World novelist Aldous Huxley was diagnosed with cancer in 1960, at which point his health slowly began to deteriorate. On his deathbed in November of 1963, just as he was passing away, Aldous — a man who for many years had been fascinated with the effects of psychedelic drugs since being introduced to mescaline in 1953 — asked his wife Laura to administer him with LSD. She agreed.

Funeral Luncheon Etiquette and Advice

Funeral Luncheon Etiquette and AdviceAfter the funeral planning has come to an end and the family gathers to say goodbye to the deceased, it’s time for the funeral luncheon to start. Because most funerals take place during the morning (or in the early afternoon), it’s common for the deceased’s family to hold an informal luncheon afterward, in which guests can enjoy a light repast and share their grief.


This is the trailer for my book about visiting cemeteries.  Wish You Were Here: Adventures in Cemetery Travel is available from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E5RUY64/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00E5RUY64&linkCode=as2&tag=cemettrave-20.

Midwives for the Dying

A physician and nurse practitioner discuss the emerging role of medicals professionals who ease the death process. There is no one right way to die, but just as we need help coming into the world, we need support and love going out of it.


art history meme —> 3/6 themes/series/subjects


Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas

(Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.)

- Ecclesiastes 1:2

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Write Your Own Obituary

The topic of death terrifies most of us. Facing our own mortality is neither a pleasant thought, nor is it one that most of us would choose to entertain on a daily basis. Even as I type the word “death,” I am suddenly reminded of the absolute truth that all of us will die, including myself and all of those whom I love — or not.

Cardiff grave digger Glenn Miller to hang up his shovel after nearly 50 years

FOR nearly half a century Glenn Miller has been tending flowers and preparing plots at one of Cardiff’s largest cemeteries. But now, at 65, he’s calling time on his job as a council grave digger and gardener to spend more time in his own garden during his retirement.


Mother by Abruce


Mother by Abruce

Descendants planning to restore hidden cemetery

The past can seem remote sometimes, especially when your most tangible connection to it is hidden at the end of a winding dirt road in the woods of Bolivia. That’s where Southport resident Donnie Joyner’s great-grandfather and two great-uncles rest – in a family cemetery that Joyner and his relatives want to restore after years of sitting hidden in the woods.

Neanderthals Buried Their Dead, Cave Excavations Suggest

Are modern humans the only species that has ever dug graves? New research suggests the answer is no: Neanderthals also may have intentionally buried their dead. The new findings are further evidence that Neanderthals might have possessed complex forms of thought — enough for special treatment of the dead, scientists said.

Grave defrosters prep burial grounds in winter

A white plume of smoke drifted from between the gravestones at St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Northbridge last week, rising from what was soon to be a new grave.

Avid Reader Leaves Library $6 Million in Her Will

Simply because she loved to read, Lotte Fields bequeathed $6 million to the New York Public Library after her death, the library announced on Wednesday. Ms. Fields, a New Yorker who died last summer at 89, inherited her wealth from her husband’s family, who were wool merchants.