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American ww2 memorial cemetary. Cambridge, UK.


American ww2 memorial cemetary. Cambridge, UK.

Early American tombstone euphemisms for death

In 2008, Caitlin GD Hopkins collected 101 euphemisms for “died” from early American epitaphs. The epitaphs came from tombstones pre-1825, to qualify, the euphemism had to appear in the main text of the tombstone (“Here lies Fred; born 1801, laid himself to rest 1824”), not in the verse below it (“He was a nice guy”). It’s quite a list:

In the Face of War, Ukrainian Collector Shares his Faces of Death

As the Russian “stealth war” on Ukraine steps out of the shadows and fighters on both sides of the conflict are killed on an increasing basis, a collector in Kiev has decided to launch a new exhibition examining the the image of death itself.

A Couple Started A Bucket List For Their Unborn Son After He Was Diagnosed With A Fatal Condition

Jenna and Dan Haley spent the last nine months making sure they got to share their lives with their unborn son Shane.

Funeral workers mix up bodies at Florida woman’s wake

The wake for Mary Anderson started an hour late at a West Palm Beach, Fla., funeral home because her body was switched with another dead woman named Mary. The stranger in the casket, however, was wearing the real Mary’s clothes.

Gravedigger Suspended After Taking Photo With Exhumed Body

A gravedigger in Spain was suspended after a photo of him posing with an exhumed body circulated on social media.

After Her Fiancé Died Weeks Before Their Wedding, A Bride Said Goodbye With These Beautiful Photos

Two months before their wedding day, Janine’s fiancé, Johnny, tragically died. So to honour him, she did this photo shoot wearing the wedding dress she never got to wear on her big day.

That Precious Time: Present With the Dead Body

Order member and home funeral midwife Cassandra Yonder shares the story of the death that revealed her calling.

The Gutters in Buena Vista Park are Made Out of Old Headstones

San Francisco is a city of secrets. Hidden tunnels and bricked-up passageways, sunken ships and rebuilt palaces. With our backfilled downtown, railcar tracks that lead into empty parking lots, and stairways that sneak you from one neighborhood to another, we are the Winchester Mystery House of urban areas.

Surprise! What NYC’s Former Cemeteries Are Now

In New York City’s earliest days, Wall Street was the site of a wall constructed to keep the British out, Canal Street was a canal, and the rest of the Island was the countryside. As the City expanded northward, it enveloped and urbanized its rural backyard. However, the bucolic landscape of Manhattan was not the only thing to be overtaken by the encroaching City. The Island’s cemeteries were also evicted, ever northward, and finally banished to the outer boroughs.

How the 'Mushroom Death Suit' breaks down your body for nature

Artist and MIT research fellow Jae Rhim Lee is designing a suit that will make your body a veritable buffet for mushrooms.