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The Blog of Death


Creepy 'Vampire' Grave Unearthed In Bulgaria

An archaeologist in Bulgaria said last week that he had unearthed a “vampire” grave containing a skeleton with a metal stake in its chest.

The Subject of Death Plays a Part in Popular Culture

Bereavement plays a part in several current museum exhibitions, on television shows and in films.

10 Ways That Losing a Pet is Worse Than Losing a Human | Angela Hartlin

If a dog is man’s best friend, why is it that society expects us to move on from the death of one so soon? Cats are supposed to have 9 lives but what happens to the people they leave behind when the last one runs out?

Milwaukee cemetery is first in state certified by Green Burial Council

Greenwood Cemetery in Milwaukee has been certified by the Green Burial Council. The cemetery at 2615 W. Cleveland Ave. meets the council’s standards for preserving habitat and conserving natural resources.

Why I Commemorate the Anniversary of My Father's Death on Social Media | Jackie Oshry

Six years ago, my dad passed away of a sudden heart attack. My father’s passing left a gaping hole in my family. It is a hole that my sisters, my mom and I have each tried to fill, in our ways. For years I have coped with the loss of my father by dedicating very little time to thinking about it. Though this method may seem heartless, it works for me.

Cremated remains found in drug suspect's car

A former Colorado funeral home worker tasked with spreading cremated ashes in the Rocky Mountains instead kept four people’s remains in the trunk of his car for several years, police said.

700-Year-Old Skeleton Couple Found Holding Hands

Archaeologists excavating the site of a long-lost chapel in the countryside of Leicestershire, England unearthed the skeletons of a couple who appear to have been buried together holding hands.

In a land of death, Iraq’s morgue workers seek answers

In this country awash in death, most killers are never caught. The brutal Islamic State militants kill with impunity in the cities they control. Elsewhere, Iraqi police are too poorly trained, too overwhelmed, too powerless to solve cases. Sometimes they themselves are the perpetrators. But the Baghdad morgue is one of the few places where you can get answers.

WATCH: This is the time you have

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Naked ambition: Penguin cemetery to be tourism hotspot

Ross Hartley will do almost anything to see the Penguin cemetery looked after and promoted as a tourist attraction; even take his clothes off.